Kara Byers, deputy editor, CLEO/DOLLY

Ellen is a truly fantastic journalist – always at the forefront of any breaking story, she really knows how to get to the heart of it and her flair for writing makes every one a must-read. She’s brilliant to work with too, always full of energy, friendly, personable and reliable. I’d fully recommend Ellen, she’s a star.

Gareth Duggan, communications officer

Ellen is an outstanding journalist: highly committed, full of energy and able to track down stories others would give up on. She’s lovely to work with, brings a balanced and focused perspective to any discussion about news coverage, and picks up new material very quickly. It was a pleasure to work with her.

Iain Fenwick, managing director, Citylicious Group

Ellen has been a contributory writer to Citylicious for almost a year now. We can always rely on Ellen not just to cover a story, an event or review a restaurant, but to do it with style and knowledge. Ellen understands how to make a story come to life and her images are always visually strong. Most importantly Ellen manages to write in a way that engages with our readers. Ellen’s consistency is incredible and I always look forward to reading what she sends on.

Jackie Harrison, professor of public communication, University of Sheffield

Ellen was invited to join our high profile panel at the University of Sheffield’s, Festival of Social Sciences event at the Crucible in Sheffield on 11 November 2015. The theme was Journalism in Danger and Ellen’s knowledge, skills and particular expertise were central to the expert panel discussions. She made an excellent contribution.

Mary Modha, Witness Relationship Officer, The School for Social Entrepreneurs

Ellen delivered a great session for the School For Social Entrepreneurs on working with the media. Our students said she was: “Clear, understandable, interesting and engaging, really helpful and information”. Thanks Ellen!

Amy O’Shaughnessy, senior marketing manager, Ecolab

I have worked with Ellen on a number of projects and am always impressed with her keen eye for detail, ability to get to the crux of a topic and generally bring the reader an interesting, intelligent and digestible viewpoint. Ellen has the ability to write across a wide range of topics, quickly picking up the gist of new subjects and then taking the time to analyse the detail.

Paul Phillipson, Interim CEO

Ellen is a consummate media professional, thorough, balanced, high integrity, easy to talk to, with an engaging personality. She is able to absorb large amounts of information and distil the essence in to clear points. Contributing to some of her reports has been a very positive experience I would be delighted to repeat.

Nicola Millington, Founder, FP Comms

As a growing Marketing and PR company, with a strong desire to share stories of positive businesses, we are constantly seeking to build relationships with journalists.  We appreciate their busy schedule and limited available time, however, we work on the principle that humanity should always be at the heart of what we do.
It was such a professional and personal, pleasure and joy to work with Ellen.  After connecting with her over a tweet she sent, we were swiftly able to secure and confirm an interview with Yahoo UK for one of our clients.
The joy of working with Ellen was found in her communication, clarity and responsiveness. She ensured that she received everything she needed from us quickly and efficiently. As a company with a growing roster of progressive and ambitious businesses, we appreciated the work ethic and hope to have the pleasure of working with her again.

Tom Cheesewright, Applied Futurist at Book of the Future

Ellen’s instinct for news and ability to tell a story mean she can turn her hand to any subject, however complex. She knows how to ask the right questions to reach an informed position from which to offer readers insight and put the commentary of others into proper context. That skill and a friendly, open approach mean that people like me are happy to give up time to contribute whenever we can

Karen Heap, Founder, Socially Shared Business Support Network for women

Ellen was invited to speak at our Women in Business Conference recently and she was amazing!  Speaking to an audience of over 80 local women in business from across the Midlands, she provided an insight into her work and shared lots of stories about her incredible adventures as a journalist.  The feedback following the conference has been great too, with many of the people who attended taking the time to tell us just how much they thought Ellen was a breath of fresh air and that she offered a warm, friendly and yet professional side to the sometimes cold and negative perception people have of journalists. We would most definitely invite Ellen back to speak again and would highly recommend her as a speaker for other events.